The Surveillance Situation • Behind the Scenes

On July 18th, an annual week-long LEGO animation contest started on It is called BRAWL 2015 (Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long), and contestants are to, like it’s name implies, make a brickfilm in one week. I entered said contest, and produced the following video:

The Surveillance Situation

This film is based on a series of films I began in BRAWL 2014. This series follows Captain D. Rom, a very goofy cop with a sidekick named Laura (who seems to end up being the unnoticed real hero). You can watch the other two Captain D. Rom films here:

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The Infinite Black Background Effect – A LEGO Photography Tutorial

You’ve seen it. It’s the cool lighting effect you’ve always wanted to do, but could never figure it out. It’s the infinite black background. At first it is difficult to do, but once you get the hang of it you’ll want to do it all the time. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to get that effect.

Infinite Darkness

Things You’ll Need

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LEGO Materials in Blender Cycles

Hi guys! I was helping out with le717’s Blender LDraw Import Script by making Cycles materials for every type of brick. Well, I didn’t want to just keep them private, so I’ll share them with you. 🙂


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How I “Found” Mr. Gold

Hi all! You may have seen my photo that I posted last week that featured Mr. Gold. If not, here it is:


The truth is, (if you didn’t already figure it out), that it is a render! Yes, it’s a cruel joke, but I needed to test out my photo-realism skills again. 😉 No, I have not actually found Mr. Gold (although I wish I did!)

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Good Ol’ Johnny

After watching the new trailer for Warner Brothers’ new “The LEGO Movie“, I got inspired to test out my CGI skills with photo-realistic LEGO. I still have some more to do before I have mastered the art, but here’s a quick peek of what I’ve got so far! 😀

Good Ol’ Johnny

Good Ol Johnny - Render by rioforce

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LEGO Racers Music Modding Tutorial By Rioforce

Hi all! You may have seen le717’s Custom LEGO Racers Audio Tutorial. It is a very good tutorial, it explains how to set up custom music files to put into LEGO Racers, and how to re-sample it, and lots of good stuff. There was just one error with his method: The music came out grainy and the music was always changing volumes. Originally, the LEGO Racers modding fans thought that it an error with the fluctuation of volume in the music track, and they were right. And I figured out how to fix that error and get the music to play properly. Here’s the new and completely working way of importing custom music into LEGO Racers!

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