The Surveillance Situation • Behind the Scenes

On July 18th, an annual week-long LEGO animation contest started on It is called BRAWL 2015 (Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long), and contestants are to, like it’s name implies, make a brickfilm in one week. I entered said contest, and produced the following video:

The Surveillance Situation

This film is based on a series of films I began in BRAWL 2014. This series follows Captain D. Rom, a very goofy cop with a sidekick named Laura (who seems to end up being the unnoticed real hero). You can watch the other two Captain D. Rom films here:

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An Adventure Story (Brickfilm)

This is the tale of a heroic explorer who beats all odds and battles evil once and for all!

If you watch this movie closely, you will notice that I used all the key parts of story telling (character development, plot with back-story, climax, and resolution) and displayed them in a humorous way. If you are a fan of the old LEGO Adventurers theme, then you will recognize all of the characters in this film.

Behind the Scenes

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May 2014 LEGO Store Loot

Yesterday, May 27, 2014, I went to the LEGO Store. I went to The LEGO Store for one specific reason. Not to buy a modular building, not to buy Mixels, not to buy a VIP set, not to buy a book, and not to buy a discount item. I went for the Pick a Brick. I needed to stock up on basic bricks. As you can see, I was building a 3-wall house for a Brickfilm, and I ran out of white bricks to finish the house. So I had to use yellow.

The house

I have had this problem in other creations too. Well, I went to the store on a mission and I completed this mission. This is the third time I have ever been to a LEGO Store, and the second time I’ve used Pick a Brick. Yes, I’m counting. But that’s not the only thing I’m counting…

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LEGO Materials in Blender Cycles

Hi guys! I was helping out with le717’s Blender LDraw Import Script by making Cycles materials for every type of brick. Well, I didn’t want to just keep them private, so I’ll share them with you. 🙂


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