The Death of Coiffure (Brickfilm)

Behind the Scenes

Welcome to my Behind the Scenes article. I’s like to share some things about the movie so that you (and I!) might be able to learn from them.

The first thing I’d like to say is that this is my very first “One-Shot” film. Meaning, this movie was made without changing camera angles, or switching scenes. (However, I did slightly cheat by re-filming the motorcycle scene and piecing it into the film) I filmed this movie twice to get it right, and for some reason, the second filming of the movie took less time to do and I ended up taking more frames than the first time I animated it. (You learn from experience, I suppose!)

Spinning the Set

If you noticed in the video, the camera appears to circle around 6 small scenes while still giving the illusion that all of the sets are connected as one large square. Actually, the camera did not move. It stayed still. I spun the set on the table around in circles to give the illusion on camera movement.But I know you are still wondering how I managed to have a six sided square. That is impossible, however, because you can only put four sides on a square, and four scenes in a large square for the camera to circle around. Instead of breaking the laws of geometry and nature, I decided to take a much easier route, and built 6 scenes on 6 16×32 baseplates and connected them when they needed to be. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then here are some photos to explain it:


When I designed the sets, I built them together (as seen on the left), but when I realized they weren’t going to spin well with four scenes all together, I changed it so that each 32×16 set was separate and I only attached them when I needed to see the edges of the set. Like this photo:

DSC_0715Baby’s Clothes

Another thing I’d like to share with you is how I made the baby’s clothes in the first shot. For minifig babies, some people use a white LEGO turban as clothes. Some use a cape, and some use a white head attached below the yellow head. For mine, I actually used the back of a LEGO Star Wars Scout Trooper helmet. This looked soft enough to use a clothes, as long as you didn’t see the helmet part on the other side. I used Sticky Tac to attach the minifig head to the helmet and to attach the helmet to the lady.


New Lens

On a side note, I used my new Helios 44-2 58mm lens. It’s a vintage lens (I think it was made in 1978, though I’m not positive), but has excelent color. It’s also fully manual. I can adjust the aperture and focus using knobs on the lens, instead of using my camera. The main reason for buying this lens is so I could reduce light flicker in my videos (the light flicker is partially due to an imperfection in Nikon lenses that causes the shutter to not open the exact same size every time), and to do some macro shots. I have bought some lens extension tubes, and plan to use them in Brickfilming the next chance I get.


That’s all for now! If you like my video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and here!


P.S. If you didn’t know, the work “Coiffure” roughly means “Hair”. 😉


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