May 2014 LEGO Store Loot

Yesterday, May 27, 2014, I went to the LEGO Store. I went to The LEGO Store for one specific reason. Not to buy a modular building, not to buy Mixels, not to buy a VIP set, not to buy a book, and not to buy a discount item. I went for the Pick a Brick. I needed to stock up on basic bricks. As you can see, I was building a 3-wall house for a Brickfilm, and I ran out of white bricks to finish the house. So I had to use yellow.

The house

I have had this problem in other creations too. Well, I went to the store on a mission and I completed this mission. This is the third time I have ever been to a LEGO Store, and the second time I’ve used Pick a Brick. Yes, I’m counting. But that’s not the only thing I’m counting…

The Packing Theory

I packet each Pick-a-Brick cup fairly tight. I guess I could have fit more small stud bricks in it, but I was in kind of a hurry. I set 2×2 bricks on their side around the bottom ring of the cup all the way around. DSC_1481

After that, I stacked 2x4s and 2x2s around the outside walls.

DSC_1485Then I stuffed the insides with more bricks. Not the best way to do it, but it worked for the short amount of time I had.

DSC_1486Then I stuff the rest with small pieces and add tiles to the tops of all the bricks.



After packing 4 small cups full with LEGO bricks, I finally had enough (besides that, I ran out of money…). So I took my LEGO Loot with me to my sister’s house. DSC_1504

Today, I opened all of the cups and took an inventory of the bricks.

Cup #1


Overall, the first cup was OK. It had lots of dark gray bricks, but that’s what I wanted. Here’s a picture of the cup’s contents on a baseplate I brought with me.

DSC_1511This cup had over 120 bricks in it. (No, I didn’t count the 1×1 rounds and small pieces of the like).

Cup #2

Cup 2 was probably my most successful cup. It had less small pieces and more large bricks. It contained over 140 bricks.

DSC_1513 DSC_1516

 Cup #3

Cup 3 was disappointing. I was getting rushed, so I didn’t pay as much attention to the packing of the cup… I got lots of small pieces and some tires. There were over 100 bricks.

DSC_1517 DSC_1518

Cup #4

Cup 4 had mostly blue and white bricks. I regret not getting more white bricks, because that’s what I went to get in the first place! Oh well, I’ll just keep collecting LEGO bricks through the years. I got over 110 bricks in this cup.



Here’s a picture of the total amount of bricks I got.

DSC_1523Quite a heavy baseplate of bricks!


Here’s an inventory of bricks I bought from The LEGO Store


92 Dark Gray 2×2 Bricks
42 Dark Gray 2×4 Bricks
02 Light Gray 2×4 Bricks
82 Light Gray 1×2 Tile with Panel Printing
23 Light Gray 2×2 Tile
16 Light Gray Small Pin Wheels
30 Brown 2×2 Bricks
07 Brown 2×4 Bricks
18 Green 2×2 Bricks
22 Green 2×2 Bricks
20 Green Plant Bases
10 Green Bamboo Plants
28 Tan 2×2 Bricks
32 Yellow 2×2 Bricks
21 Yellow 2×4 Bricks
24 Black 2×4 Bricks
08 Black 2×2 Round Plate with Grapple Hook
08 Black 1×4 Axle Plates
04 Black 2×2 Plates with 1 Axle
08 Black Smooth Rubber Tires
08 Black Rough Rubber Tires
49 Red 2×4 Slope Bricks
03 Red Flower Tops
21 Blue 2×4 Bricks
33 White 2×4 Bricks
07 White 2×2 Slope Bricks with Computer Printing
04 White 1×2 Steering Wheels
03 Lime Green 1×2 Tiles
06 Trans-clear 1x2x2 Window Bricks
?? Trans-clear 1×1 Round Plates
?? Trans-clear 1×1 Square Plates
?? Trans-clear 1×1 Cheese Plates
?? Trans-blue 1×1 Round Plates
?? Light Gray 1×1 Round Plates-No-Studs (Stud toppers)
?? Pink 1×1 Round Plates

TOTAL: 629 bricks
Price: $35
Price per cup: $8.99 (Yes, they have gone up in price. 😦 )
Price per Brick: approx. $.05


That’s all for now! You are finally finished reading a pointless blog post about my trip to the LEGO Store. 😛



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