An Adventure Story (Brickfilm)

This is the tale of a heroic explorer who beats all odds and battles evil once and for all!

If you watch this movie closely, you will notice that I used all the key parts of story telling (character development, plot with back-story, climax, and resolution) and displayed them in a humorous way. If you are a fan of the old LEGO Adventurers theme, then you will recognize all of the characters in this film.

Behind the Scenes

Original Storyboard

The Original “Storyboard”

Concept Doodle

A Concept Doodle

I was working on pre-production for “An Adventure Story” in early July. I wrote the script, revised it, revised it again, and once it was finished, I narrated the film. Then I revised it again and narrated again.  I filmed the movie on August 15th and 16th (with time to eat, sleep, and do whatever else). Unfortunately, you can tell in the quality of the animation and the set bumps now and then that this movie was rushed. I should have taken my time on it and it probably would have worked out a lot better. But I have figured that out now, and after a test video (which you can watch HERE), I have found out that a little patience goes a long way.
This film was an extremely ambitious task to take on. The floating mug was one of the hardest things about the movie. To make it float, I had to attach tacky (or stick tac, or whatever you call it) to a LEGO stick, and attach that to the side of the mug. This unfortunately did not like to hold up the weight of the mug because of the leverage caused by the stick. It held long enough for me to film, luckily, but when it fell off in the middle, or I had to move it around, it seemed like my set always got bumped.


An Un-masked Frame

As for masking these frames (masking means layering a photo with the characters in it on top of another photo without the characters in it and erasing the un-wanted parts), this was an extremely hard film to do. Post production took me longer than production itself. Because I forgot to plan the masking out entirely when filming, I was missing a shadow when I went to mask, so I had to do a crazy photoshop thing to get that shadow back so I could mask. I tried masking in Blender to speed things up, but it just slowed me down. I ended up processing every frame that needed masking in Photoshop and doing it by hand. Wow, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

This film may not be the best film in the world in terms of animation, but don’t worry, I am still re-learning how to animate again, so it may take some time. I have already started production on another film, and this one will (hopefully) have much smoother animation than this film. 😉 I am also in pre-production for two other films: one of which I am planning to be a much longer and more elaborate film that I can make over the school year, and the other is just a short film. Please tell me what you think about this film! Comment on the movie on YouTube, or comment here!




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