Journey to the Centre of Time (Brickfilm & Tutorial)

A minifigure finds himself in a strange laboratory with a wacky maniac who has the power to travel through time.

Behind the Scenes

Making Journey to the Centre of Time was a fun learning experience for me. I wrote the first draft of the script in September, but had been thinking about the story for a few months before. After revising the script to add an emotional beginning and ending, I started animation. After two full days of animation, I sequenced my images, put the with the voices, and realized that my video was very boring. So, I edited my script, removing the emotional backstory, and cutting out some jokes and lots of dialogue. As you can see, this film still has a lot of dialogue in it, but not near as much as was in the original cut. I salvaged a lot of the footage from the first filming session, and animated the rest of the film by the script. When editing, I began to miss some of the jokes that I cut from the original, so I added some of the old back, and finally had the film put together. The final film does not actually have a typed script. It has three scripts that I used bits and pieces from each to make the film.

Here are some pictures of the sets I built for this film:

The following tutorial explains how to animate shadows on a wall using stop-motion animation. You may have seen me use this technique in my film.


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