The Surveillance Situation • Behind the Scenes

On July 18th, an annual week-long LEGO animation contest started on It is called BRAWL 2015 (Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long), and contestants are to, like it’s name implies, make a brickfilm in one week. I entered said contest, and produced the following video:

The Surveillance Situation

This film is based on a series of films I began in BRAWL 2014. This series follows Captain D. Rom, a very goofy cop with a sidekick named Laura (who seems to end up being the unnoticed real hero). You can watch the other two Captain D. Rom films here:

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The Family of Hael Storm (A LEGO Universe Adventure)


You may think that Hael Storm, the Venture League faction leader from LEGO Universe is just a space pirate/overall awesome explorer. You are right at first, but there is much more underneath the surface. Today, I will explain the secrets of Hael Storm’s family:

Princess Storm

cas034In the first Knights Kingdom LEGO theme, there was a king named King Leo. He had a daughter named Princess Storm. She was no ordinary princess, though. She didn’t hide in towers and wear a fluffy dress. She was in the knight’s army. She fought along with the strong men, and ended up defeating Cedric the Bull in the LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 15. She obviously had a very adventurous spirit, but also had pride for her kingdom and loved being a knight. She could only be related to Hael Storm if Storm was her last name, instead of her first name. It would only make sense that it was he last name, though, because who would name their daughter Storm?

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It’s Difficult to be a Adventurer (Story)

This is a short story I wrote for school. It’s not very good in composition, because I really didn’t work very hard on it, but I thought I’d post it here on my blog anyway for your enjoyment. There are some references you might not get unless you played LEGO Universe and know about the LEGO Adventurers and Pharaoh’s Quest themes. Be sure to read it in Johnny Thunder’s voice. 😉 If you have no idea who Johnny Thunder is, he’s an Australian adventurer that looks like this:



It’s Difficult to be an Adventurer

By rioforce

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(Activity Packet) The Easter Story: Following Jesus

Hello! Today I pulled a neat little Easter Activity Packet together that can be used in Sunday School, Children’s Church, or any other time! All you have to do is download the PDF file, and print it out!

Easter Activity

Download The Easter Story-Following Jesus (Activity Packet)

Enjoy the activity packet and remember that the Resurrection of Jesus is the real reason for Easter!