The Family of Hael Storm (A LEGO Universe Adventure)


You may think that Hael Storm, the Venture League faction leader from LEGO Universe is just a space pirate/overall awesome explorer. You are right at first, but there is much more underneath the surface. Today, I will explain the secrets of Hael Storm’s family:

Princess Storm

cas034In the first Knights Kingdom LEGO theme, there was a king named King Leo. He had a daughter named Princess Storm. She was no ordinary princess, though. She didn’t hide in towers and wear a fluffy dress. She was in the knight’s army. She fought along with the strong men, and ended up defeating Cedric the Bull in the LEGO Adventures! Magazine Issue 15. She obviously had a very adventurous spirit, but also had pride for her kingdom and loved being a knight. She could only be related to Hael Storm if Storm was her last name, instead of her first name. It would only make sense that it was he last name, though, because who would name their daughter Storm?

Axel Storm

DiverstormAxel Storm is a character in the 2010 LEGO Atlantis theme. He is the tech expert of the Atlantis Deep Sea Salvage Crew. He likes to fix things. This seems to be as far as it goes with him, but actually, there is more. In the 2011 LEGO Kingdoms line (in the 7188 King’s Carriage Ambush set), his face appears again, but this time, he is an un-named knight. I think that this knight is Axel Storm. After the Atlantis crew found the lost city, he returned to his kingdom to serve as a knight. He is possibly King Leo’s son, and Princess Storm’s sister. And this is as far as it goes with him.

Gail Storm

Adv0016Gail Storm is a LEGO character with a larger story and background than the ones mentioned above. She is a photographer and journalist for the World Magazine in the LEGO Adventurers theme. She travels along side Johnny Thunder on his adventures around the world. Her name Gail Storm was not permanent, however. She has two aliases: Linda Lovely, and Pippin Reed. I am not positive on her relation to the Castle side of things, but let us say for a minute that she is Princess Storm. If Storm is the princess’s last name, then what is her first name? She must have one, and it cannot just be Princess. I am going to say that Princess Storm’s first name is Gail. And that she is the same Gail that travels with Johnny Thunder. Since she had such an adventurous spirit as a princess, defeating Cedric the Bull, then she had to have been looking for more adventure after the battle was over. The life at the castle was too boring for her. Thus, she went off and joined Johnny Thunder on his explorations. After a while, she changed her name from Gail Storm to Linda Lovely, and later, Pippin Reed, to dis-associate herself from the Storm family. The reason for this is unknown, although, it could have been because she thought that Gail Storm wasn’t a good name for a journalist. Pippin Reed is a pen name, instead of an official name change.

Gail Storm from LEGO Universe

LUfac-Gale-final-LRIn the early concept phase of LEGO Universe, when the faction leaders and characters in the game were still in development, the head of the Venture League was not Hael Storm. Rather, it was a sword-carying, parrot-loving, female pirate named Gail Storm. It is said that Gail Storm is the sister of Hael Storm, an that she has a secret crush on Duke Exeter (according to Mike Rayhawk). If this Gail Storm is the same person as Gail Storm from the adventurers, who is the same person as Princess Storm, then this all makes sense. Princess Storm, who was a knight, probably had a crush on a certain knight named Duke way back in the days of Knights Kingdom. When she moved away to become a journalist under the name of Pippin Reed, she came to love adventure. Later on, she quit journalism, changed her name back to Gail Storm, and became a pirate in the Venture League. Then her brother Hael Storm was called upon by Doc Overbuild and Baron Typhonus (which probably has some relation to Baron von Baron, but that is another story completely). Doc and Baron needed Hael for two reasons. One, to use his awesome adventuring and navigation skills to help find the imagination Nexus, and Two, to find Duke Exeter, the only person in the universe who who knew the location of an ancient structure built by the First Builders on Gallant 5. The only way Hael Storm would have known about Duke is from Gail Storm, who probably had a crush on him when she was a knight.


So, according to all of this information above, I will tell you exactly who Hael Storm is related to and how:

Hael Storm: Son of King Leo, brother of Princess Gail Storm, brother of Axel Storm.

So, yes, you did just read off of that information to get a simple fact. But it is one very interesting fact! If all of my data is true, then this means that Hael Storm is a former member of the Sentinel Faction, but, like his siblings, longed for adventure beyond the Sentinels.


3 thoughts on “The Family of Hael Storm (A LEGO Universe Adventure)

  1. Really like the theory Rio! Great to hear some of the Universe’s secrets again 🙂

  2. I agree with Brick, it’s hard to say if any of this was planned. But it sure makes for good theorization, and that isn’t even a word. 😀

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