LEGO Racers Music Modding Tutorial By Rioforce

Hi all! You may have seen le717’s Custom LEGO Racers Audio Tutorial. It is a very good tutorial, it explains how to set up custom music files to put into LEGO Racers, and how to re-sample it, and lots of good stuff. There was just one error with his method: The music came out grainy and the music was always changing volumes. Originally, the LEGO Racers modding fans thought that it an error with the fluctuation of volume in the music track, and they were right. And I figured out how to fix that error and get the music to play properly. Here’s the new and completely working way of importing custom music into LEGO Racers!

  • Have a song that you like to hear.
  • Know where you want that song to play in-game. (I want my song to play on the main menu).


  • Re-sample your track.

 Quote from le717

2. In the bottom right hand corner of the window, there is a drop-down menu labeled “Project Race (Hz)”. Select 22050 from the menu.

3. Select all the audio by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard, and go to Tracks>Resample and select 22050 from the resulting box.

4. If your music is Stereo, select all the audio again and go to Tracks>Stereo Track to Mono and let that work. This step is necessary because VOX cannot support stereo audio, only Mono audio.


  • Now, select all (Ctrl+A), go to Effects>Compressor. Change the settings according to the picture below.


  • I recommend repeating the previous step. Basically what the compressor does is makes all the audio volume level so there are not major changes in the volume. For some songs, you may want to repeat Compressor a third time! Just make sure that the waveforms look nearly the same level.

Rinse and Repeat

  • Your waveforms should look something like this:


  • Now you need to Amplify the track a bit. Effect>Amplify. I try to amplify it until it is clipping a little bit.


  • This is what your amplified audio should look like:


  • Now export your music!

Quote from le717

7. Go to File>Export and in the resulting window, in the Save as type drop-down menu, select Other Uncompressed Files and click the Options button to the right. Under the Header menu, select RAW (header-less), and select VOX ADPCM from the Encoding menu below. Click OK.

8. Navigate to where you want to save your audio. If it is music, you can save it in the same folder as LEGORacers.exe.

Export Options

  • Since I am replacing the main menu music, I will call my song “theme.tun“. Then, replace the original theme.tun in the LEGO Racers Program Files.
  • Now open LEGO Racers and listen to your music! 😀

Check out the video tutorial!


4 thoughts on “LEGO Racers Music Modding Tutorial By Rioforce

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  2. YES!

  3. It won’t export… I try but it won’t work…

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