LEGO Universe’s Third Birthday

LEGO Universe Third Bithday Render - DesktopDownload for Desktop Wallpaper

This is a render I made on October 14-22. This render is in honor of LEGO’s first MMOG, LEGO Universe. You may know that today, October 26, 2013 is it’s third birthday. Unfortunately, it closed in 2012, but that doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate it’s birthday still! 😀

This render is in the 16:9 aspect ratio, so it’s perfect for most computers to have as a desktop wallpaper! If you would like to download it for your desktop, click the link below the picture. 🙂

Made in Blender entirely by me, rioforce. Concepts from LEGO Universe. Textures made in Blender, Photoshop, Inkscape, and Serif DrawPlus x3. The LEGO and LEGO Universe logos are not made by me, rather they are from LEGO Universe. Rendered in Blender Cycles at 3000 samples. Fire and Jetpack effects rendered in Blender Internal.


LEGO Racers Music Modding Tutorial By Rioforce

Hi all! You may have seen le717’s Custom LEGO Racers Audio Tutorial. It is a very good tutorial, it explains how to set up custom music files to put into LEGO Racers, and how to re-sample it, and lots of good stuff. There was just one error with his method: The music came out grainy and the music was always changing volumes. Originally, the LEGO Racers modding fans thought that it an error with the fluctuation of volume in the music track, and they were right. And I figured out how to fix that error and get the music to play properly. Here’s the new and completely working way of importing custom music into LEGO Racers!

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