Balancing Animation with the YouTube System

YouTube-Animation-BalanceSo, you’re an animator. You know the insides and out of the animation process, and you understand what it is to make good content that is worth both your time and the viewers time. Good for you! But what happens when you want to grow your YouTube audience and attempt to be a “popular” YouTube animator?

The problem is, it’s basically impossible to be a YouTube animation “star” unless you have a team of people that can work quickly and devote tons of hours into animation.

Now, popularity isn’t everything. Getting popular on YouTube shouldn’t be your life’s goal. YouTube stars rise and fall more quickly than the Roman Empire. As a filmmaker, you should strive to make great content and express yourself in the videos you create. However, there is always that “I want to get my content watched by more people” feeling.

So that’s where I will begin. With you, the animator, wanting to grow your YouTube fanbase and gain visibility.

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1 Year of Blender!

Hi guys! I am making this post because i have been using Blender for 1 whole year now! (Okay, technically, I’m a month late, but who cares. 😛 ) Here’s a little mini-history of my experience in Blender.


In 2010 and 2011 I played LEGO Universe Beta/Free-to-Play. Then, LEGO Universe closed in February 2012. That’s where I started 3D. In November 2011, I was extracting the LU files to make a LEGO Universe re-make (The early Legend Team). I had no idea about 3D modeling or stuff like that, so that’s why the original Legend Team failed. But meanwhile, I was still looking at the files, extracting them, viewing them in NifScope and Blender, and getting a feel in a 3D workspace.

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