1 Year of Blender!

Hi guys! I am making this post because i have been using Blender for 1 whole year now! (Okay, technically, I’m a month late, but who cares. 😛 ) Here’s a little mini-history of my experience in Blender.


In 2010 and 2011 I played LEGO Universe Beta/Free-to-Play. Then, LEGO Universe closed in February 2012. That’s where I started 3D. In November 2011, I was extracting the LU files to make a LEGO Universe re-make (The early Legend Team). I had no idea about 3D modeling or stuff like that, so that’s why the original Legend Team failed. But meanwhile, I was still looking at the files, extracting them, viewing them in NifScope and Blender, and getting a feel in a 3D workspace.

Year 1: 2012

So, in April 2012, I actually began really looking into the LEGO Universe game files, and I decided to make “movies” with them. Here’s some of the stuff I did:

My first animation. 🙂

After that, I ventured out to create my own models. I made a logo for my church, a LEGO Minifigure, and Batman’s Belt. Just to name a few. 😉 The church logo was created, and is still on my church’s overhead announcements (although I think I need to update it a bit soon). The LEGO Minifigure used to be on Blendswap, but i made a newer one since so I deleted the old one. You can download Batman’s belt on Blendswap HERE.

The I wanted to create human characters. (Namely Phill Inn). Phil was my first character. Followed by Grandma, little boy, and a test character. As you can see, they are amateur attempts at making a character, but I was watching a time-lapse of a character when I made this, so that’s the technique. Of course, a time lapse doesn’t show much detail of what they are doing, even when slowed down. Everyone if very hefty and blocky, because I had no idea about loop cuts and what effect they had on Subsurf.

Then I made my second minifigure, a microfigure, Dr. Bones, a minecraft dude, a minifig for TLT, a couple of renders, and a movie or two. 🙂 I don’t feel like explaining it all, so here’s a gallery:

Year 2: 2013

Since most of what I have done in this past year is already on my blog, this part won’t take long. But I’ll put it here anyway. 🙂

The first render of the year is Yellow’s Jacket. It was my very first attempt at using Blender Cycles! When I first started making it, I didn’t intent to use Cycles, but when I saw how easy and fun it was, I used it anyway. 🙂

After that, I modeled a new LEGO minifigure model. My insperation came from the LEGO Ninjago TV show model. You know, cylinder arms that can pose really well. 😉 So I made a few renders such as “2013 in Fashion” and “LEGO Jetpack Special Effects Test“.

I tried my luck out with animating curves (little did I know about the Grease Pencil 😛 ). i also did Cycles Strand Rendering.

I did a photo shoot with Jungle Boy, I went to Teen-Talent, I made a render about two robots enjoying tea, modeled an antique camera, and tried out Freestyle.

Currently, I am working on a few neat little movies. Can’t wait to finish them! 😀

See you later!



8 thoughts on “1 Year of Blender!

  1. Very nice Rio, you have made lot’s of progress. I always thought i was a fast learner but guess not,. And not to sound jealous but i guess i will always be second best. Not that i want this to be a competition just felt the need to say that. But good work 🙂

    • Haha, it’s no competition. It’s really fun to use Blender. 🙂 I still have lots to learn, and you do to. But we’ll all get there if God wills. 😀

      • Yeah, I know. I am glad you are a Christian as well other wise I would think you were trying to show me up. Not that you are I just would feel that way.

      • I’m not trying to make your work look bad, I think your work is great! I never actually tried making a LEGO model with such detail as you do yours! 😀

        I forgot to make this post last month, and when I saw yours, I just got reminded to do it. Hope you understand. 😉

      • Yeah, i understand. I was just tired last night and had some other things troubling me. I know this is a public blog but i will say it anyway. I cried last night not just about this but alot of things. It didn’t have any meaning of course just stuff i thought about while i was sad. But i understand and thanks. 🙂

      • I hope you feel OK today and I hope you settle all the things you need to. 🙂

      • Thanks, and yeah i feel fine. Sometimes you just have to let your feelings out and once you do your ok. 🙂 And like you said we both still have much to learn and God has a different play for each of us. 🙂

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