Paper Valentine

There’s nothing better than a good love story to warm your heart…

In this film, everything (sound effects, animation, etc), except for the music, was created by me.


National Rip Your Arm Out Of It’s Socket Day!

Happy National Rip Your Arm Out Of It’s Socket Day! Rumor has it that Bob started this holiday on the Venture Explorer while crashing into the Maelstrom. Once Max from the LEGO Club heard about it, he thought it was a great idea, and made it the official LEGO Club Salute!

National Rip Your Arm Out Of Its Socket Day

Now the LEGO Friends have done it, hoping to turn it into the top fad for 2014. All you have to do is rip your arm right out of it’s socket and hold it up above your head! Send us your pictures on Twittter (@_rioforce)! 😀 This could become the new Selfie!

National Rip Your Arm Out Of Its Socket Day - FriendsDISCLAIMER:

Do not try this at home. Ask your parent’s permission before you rip your arm out of it’s socket. Contact a plastic surgeon like Dr. Clickitt if you have any trouble getting your arm back into your socket. Do not do if you are taking any medication. The results could be painful. Contact your minifigure before ripping your arm out of it’s socket, because they are  a lot smarter. CHOCKING HAZARD: Not intended for use for children under 3 years old. If you have read this entire paragraph so far, why did you waste your time, nobody reads the fine print. Sharp pain or swelling of your nose may occur. If you do not have a nose, contact your mother immediately. LEGO is not responsible for damage caused by burgilars or mental harm from LEGO Friends. Do not try this if you are eating a cookie; give your cookie to me then try it.