He Will Return (Brickfilm)

Jesus tells his disciples about His second coming.

Behind the Scenes

I try to use a new technique every time I make a movie. It could be set building, animation, or post production. In this film, I used two new techniques, and worked more on another one.

SNOT (Studs not on top) Floor Building Technique.

In the first scene, the floor of the room is completely smooth. This was unfortunately not seen in the video because of my choice of camera angles. However, it was a first building a floor with not studs, and I hope to do it again, but next time, I think I’ll make it more sturdy. The floor was kind of shaky because of my lack of brown bricks. Here’s a picture of the set:


Bounce Lighting/Long Shutter

For the crucifixion scene, the grave scene, and the rice field scene, I used a lighting technique called bounce lighting. Basically, I point all of my lamps at the ceiling and the light bounces off creating a very soft lighting effect on the set. This is great for dark scenes, because not much light is hitting the subject, but when you need a day-time scene, it is much more difficult, because you have to lengthen your shutter speed so more light enters the camera making the image appear bright. Needless to say, this requires patience. If you don’t have that patience, but still want to use bounce lighting, try positioning a piece of white foam board above the set and bounce your light off it. PLEASE NOTE that you will need to secure this piece of foam board so it does not move at all, because it it moves, the lighting will change in your scene, ruining the effect. Also, try to stay away from you set when taking the picture because the light will bounce off you too, and will effect the lighting. A remedy for that is putting a piece of black paper, foam board, or cardboard on the edge of your table so you can duck behind when taking the frame. Here’s a picture of my bounce lighting setup:


I hope you enjoy my film! Please follow my blog, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more brickfilms. šŸ˜€



3 thoughts on “He Will Return (Brickfilm)

  1. Jesse Gabel Studios

    Wow! it seems you have just the right bricks/equipment at just the right time. Are there any lego sets or lighting equipment (any animating material) that you would reccomend?

    • Haha, it may look like I have it all when I need it, but believe me, when I need a certain brick or minifigure, I can never find it… I can’t recommend any certain LEGO sets for animation, because it depends on what kind of movie you are making. I can say that basic bricks are very good for building walls and other things. They are extremely valuable to me. For lighting, I am just using some cheap lamps I bought at Walmart and put some florescent bulbs in them. An animating material I would HIGHLY recommend is Sticky Tac (sometimes called Blu Tac, or Tacky). Here’s a link to what I have:


      I bought mine at a local office supply store, buy you can buy it at a hobby store, or Walmart. It is the best stuff ever fr animation. It is like clay, except it’s not greasy, and it’s reusable.

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