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This is a render I created in 4 days. It was rendered in Blender 2.68 Cycles, and features a LEGO Friends minifigure. All modeling, texturing, rendering, and compositing credit goes to me, rioforce.


2 thoughts on “Friendless

  1. I’m just gonna go cry now… Jk lol, well laid out render Rio! Great coloring! If you don’t mind a bit of critique though… The water drops off a bit sharpy, although I guess that’s fine if you’re going for a stop-motion feel. Also the sandcastle is a different color than the sand 😛 The little details like the LEGO text on the bricks and the slight reflections on the castle lend immensely to the render though!

    • Don’t cry, you’re not Olivia, are you? 😛

      I’m glad you like the render! I tried making the water go more, but it just didn’t look right…
      (Maybe the sandcastle is inflatable? lol jk 😛 )

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