LEGO Minifigures Texture Packs for LEGO Racers!

Hey all! this post isn’t about Blender, it’s about my new LEGO Racers Custom Texture packs! I have inserted textures from the LEGO Minifigures Collection into LEGO Racers for fun and I’d like to show them off. 🙂

Jungle Boy

Viking lady

I have replaced King Kahuka’s texture with Jungle Boy (from Minifigures Series 7), Veronica Voltage’s texture with Mermaid (from Minifigures Series 9 (Sorry, no image because I haven’t un-locked her in-game)), and Gypsy Moth’s texture with Viking Lady (from Minifigures Series 7)

Enjoy playing LEGO Racers with custom textures!



First, download JrMasterModelBuilder’s JAM Extractor. Then, download Le717’s JAM Extractor GUI (for better extraction). Place the JAMExtractor EXE file into the same folder as the JAM Extractor GUI. Then, run the JAM Extractor GUI. Extract LEGO.JAM from your LEGO Racers directory. Once it has been extracted, follow the texture installation instructions in the readme.txt files provided in my texture packs. Once that is finished, re-compress you LEGO.JAM file.

NOTE: Be SURE to make a backup of the original LEGO.JAM or it will be replaced!

Launch LEGO Racers, and you will see the new textures! 😀



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