Rioforce Animating

I’m rioforce. I’m a Christian, and LEGO Maniac.

I make Brickfilms (LEGO Stop-motion videos) in my spare time. Here are the things I post on this blog:

  • BrickfilmsI post all of my Brickfilms here on this blog (and on YouTube, of course). I also include special Behind The Scenes looks at my films so you can see how the magic of stop-motion is done!
  • 3D Art: In 2013, I made a lot of 3D renders (most of them are LEGO related). You can see them all here.
  • My ThoughtsI also occasionally post some of my thoughts on here. Nothing much, though. The things that belong in this category (like stories, drawings, basic blog posts) that don’t belong in any of the other categories

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31b

11 thoughts on “Home

    • Thanks! I made that back in 2011. It is still my longest brickfilm I have ever made, and I made it on a simple camera with almost no equipment. I didn’t even use dedicated lamps for that film, I just used the lighting in the room I was in.

  1. I’m using DigiCamControl and I’m slightly confused by the setup, like, where’s the save option, how do I save it to a certain place, how do I open a new folder, how do I export footage, etc. Think you could help? Thanks!

    • DigiCamControl isn’t technically a stop-motion software, it’s more of a camera tethering software (which means that you can control your camera from the computer). However, it does have image sequencing in the Tools panel on the right. When capturing with DigiCamControl, it saves all of the photos you capture in a folder located in Pictures/Default. You can change this default location on the panel on the right also. I don’t know what you mean “open a new folder”, so you’ll have to explain that one some more. As for exporting footage, it doesn’t do that either, it just takes the pictures. I usually put my images in a sequence using Sony Movie Studio, but you can do it with VirtualDub and lots of other software. I find that importing the raw image sequence into a video editor gives me a lot more editing freedom than importing a video of the frames.

      I hope this helps! If you need anything else, just ask! ;)

      • Thanks so much for the help! Now my project’s finally starting to come together. I meant to start filming 2 days ago but I’ve been so frustrated with the software. I probably could have started today, but most of the software I had wasn’t working with my Nikon. Now I can finally get this thing underway!

        P.S. by new document I meant like a new layer of photos or a new album.

      • I’m glad I could help you! I remember how hard it was when I started with my Nikon camera. I looked online for countless hours for a software…

        About the new document, DigicamControl doesn’t have anything like that as far as I know, it just takes pictures. ;)

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